My Craft Room

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Craft Room!

Finally, I got all my jetmax cubes assembled, and now I can post my craft room! I still need 2 more but there is no hurry. I do all kinds of crafts: tatting, knit, crochet, paint in oils and acrylics, needleworks, jewelry, you name it I probably can make it, mostly everything I do involves paper crafts, especially lately. So here is a peek into my obsession:
My Work Area
My Desk (Above) My dear friend Jeri made me matching covers for both my cricuts! They are awesome! I crocheted the doily on my chair.
My paper and Groucho
My Paper (yes, I love groucho, I have had this puppet since I was 8 years old! I lost his glasses and cigar) My baby Bug's cover was also made by Jeri!
My storage
Here are my jetmax cubes, I love them!
My Craft room
My painting area
My Embellishment Center
My Embellishment Center
My Craft room
I love this dresser, it used to be my daughter's when she was a baby. I re-purposed it in my room, she inherited her big sis's furniture!
My Craft room
My Closet Area.
My Closet Storage Open
Closet opened, lots of storage for my crafts! My Pazzles, and Jewelry and everything. It's also messy! Don't look! LOL
My Desk!
My Desk area. I found this desk at Joann's a few years ago!
Thank you for looking at my space!


~Jeri~ said...

LOVE IT!!!! Looks awesome and so much more wider since you changed everything around!!

Stephann said...

Wow, your craft room looks fantastic! Still working on mine!


Lynne said...

Okay..looks like I need to hop on a plane and come play in your room!!
how you are? I haven't seen you on the cricut MB in a long time!!
Take care

A Heart To Homeschool said...

Cool! Looks like fun! I'd love to paint in that room with some soft jams on and a cup of coffee. Sigh...... someday!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your craft room, how lucky you are!!

Magoo said...

OMG! so jealous! drooling over your space, I have.....the lovely kitchen table!!! great room!

BlueRose said...

Wow is all I can say. I want that room....LOL