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Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love You Every Day Poem

I just wrote this poem, it should be a song!

Lord.. Sitting here alone,
Reading in your word,
Hearing your voice,
the most precious thing I've heard,

I'm so grateful for your love,
so grateful for your heart,
so grateful for you,
if I could only start.

To stop doing things alone,
doing things on my own,
without you i'm nothing,
you satisfy all my longing,

To know,
I will see you in the sky
To be with you forever,
Is a joy I must confide

So I turn to you now,
I cling near to your feet,
hold me close to you,
to your heart I will always seek

Your love is like a song,
Your word is like a lamp,
tears falling down,
my face is damp

Not ashamed to say,
I love you every day.
I'm blessed by your mercy,
and peace that set me free.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sympathy Card

Here is a beautiful card I made for a dear friend. First card I've made in a very long time! I used vellum for the overlay and used a stamp for the top. Under the vellum is a cricut cut out that I embellished with stickles and ink. The inside is a paper punch which I embellished with stickles and ink. I placed them over the florish stamp. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Beauty Of

I wrote this poem but I'm not sure if I'm done yet. I also have some projects and a new card I made and will post it soon. I really love this poem and wanted to share.

The Beauty Of:

The beauty of
a hovering black cloud,
surrounding the sky,
with thunder so loud,

Majestic and grand,
with sounds of the sky,
awake and alive,
I just watch, and I sigh.

It's like a painting,
from Your hands,
Oh Lord the beauty,
shadows all over the land.

A touch of light,
seeps through the storm,
appears a rainbow,
Hope in beautiful form.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saying Sorry

Just some thoughts I had, and placed them together in a poem. I was thinking about how people don't seem to apologize anymore for their wrong-doings, but rather instead, they try to justify their wrongs.

***James 5:16 (NIV) 16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.***

Saying Sorry
is not just words,
it needs to be felt,
and not just heard

Sorry is closure
That someone needs,
not just lying words,
that can mislead.

Sorry needs to be said
Sorry needs to be told,
Sorry comes from the heart,
it can't be bought or sold.

When you have offended,
or done wrong,
sorry means you have regret,
don't wait too long.

Have you ever said it?
Have you heard of forgiveness?
If you won't do it,
you will become a big mess.

Have you ever given it thought,
that you need to come clean,
for you have broken my heart,
you were very mean.

Maybe you weren't taught,
to put someone above yourself,
to care enough to be honest,
not put them on a shelf.

Maybe you think it will cost you,
Saying sorry can be a sacrifice,
but think of what Jesus has done,
it cost Him a bigger price.

So please apologize,
for I am worth your time,
forgiving is important,
it's not just another line.

I wait for that day,
where we can rejoice,
together in forgiveness,
Hoping you make the right choice...

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Up To You

Wish you would tell the truth
instead of hiding behind her lies
From you I have endured
many nights of cries

If you just stop,
let go and let God
Speak only the truth,
instead of being a fraud

For someday
you shall face,
the white throne.
Judgement or Grace?

It's your choice,
but choose wisely,
for God loves the truth,
from lies you must flee.

So please Say,
the absolute truth
of your actions,
so this trial will loose.

It's all up to you,
to follow the pack,
or stand up for peace,
His Grace will never lack.

Forgiveness is free,
His love is forever,
He will forgive your sins,
and remember them never.

I pray you choose Him
I pray you get this straight,
Please don't wait,
Please don't be late.