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Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love You Every Day Poem

I just wrote this poem, it should be a song!

Lord.. Sitting here alone,
Reading in your word,
Hearing your voice,
the most precious thing I've heard,

I'm so grateful for your love,
so grateful for your heart,
so grateful for you,
if I could only start.

To stop doing things alone,
doing things on my own,
without you i'm nothing,
you satisfy all my longing,

To know,
I will see you in the sky
To be with you forever,
Is a joy I must confide

So I turn to you now,
I cling near to your feet,
hold me close to you,
to your heart I will always seek

Your love is like a song,
Your word is like a lamp,
tears falling down,
my face is damp

Not ashamed to say,
I love you every day.
I'm blessed by your mercy,
and peace that set me free.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Poem... Imagine Gods smile when He hears your words and see's how much you love Him. May he bring you comfort and Joy as you follow Him tell Amanda to get out the Guitar and you guys can sing it :o) Love you bud!

Cook's Thoughts said...

Nice poem Sis

Rizwan Ali said...

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