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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A dear friend of mine has been sending goals every week, and I have been sending mine to her. It's awesome because it's accountability for me, and it motivates me as I think it does her. Here are 3 of my goals: Random order
1. To do at least 6 hours on the Wii Fit this week
2. To keep reading in Revelations
3. To be more productive in my craft room and actually make something

So far I have been reading in Revelations, and I put 1:40 minutes on the Wii Fit! Now I need to kick my own butt and get in my craft room and make something!
I was reading in Revelations, and it's cool because in Rev 1:3 a blessing comes to those who read it, hear it, and keeps it, but it also said the time is near! I'm thinking if it was near then, how much more so is the time near now! Quite exciting!
I did make some cards recently, I will post later, I need to take pictures!
May God bless your day! :-)


A Heart To Homeschool said...

you go girl! keep sending me those goals! It's so satisfying, knowing that you've reached your goals with the Lords help!

SueSurmon said...

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