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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Short-Term Weight Loss Goal!

I did it, I just found out today I have lost 20 pounds! I started on January 13th, and just dieted and exercised every week. I came up with a goal of working on the Wii fit every week at least 6 hours and eating right with my calories. It's paying off! It was slow going for the past month, I don't know why, but finally it paid off! I had a short-term goal, for motivating myself, to get a Cricut Cartridge! I get Wildcard! YAAA! SO I'm going to break open that cartridge tonight! Also, I'm wearing some capri's that I bought but was always too small for me. YAA! Now I need to figure out a new Short-Term loss goal. Another 20!
Thanks for reading :-)


A Heart To Homeschool said...

LIke the idea of incentives! It works for the kids. If I stick a jello cup in front of Lizzy she eats her veggies real quick! It works!

~Jeri~ said...

Congrats!!! You're doing an amazing job! Keep it up!

Lynne said...

You go!! I lost about that much too!! I need to lose about another 20 still..