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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Titled: What?

Another poem I just wrote :-)

It's mind boggling
To be erased
from many lives
and they don't seem fazed.

Do they not see?
What they are doing?
That it's not just me
they are throwing?

The Lord called us
to live in peace
bearing each other's burdens
it's not just a short lease.

But I have been erased,
I've done all that can be done,
I sit here and watch,
all of them run.

I'm okay,
I'm sad for them all,
wish they knew better,
it's hard seeing them fall.

I wait for them to see,
for them to realize
the harshness they brought,
and the assumptions and lies

I'm okay,
they need not worry about me
I'm praying for them
to open their eyes and finally see.


Anonymous said...

Your poems are great and you express your feelings so well.I'm sorry you have been hurt. I hope the poems help relieve some of the pain. Just know your true friends and your other family members that really care about you are by your side. I cant believe how you are being treated its horrible and wrong. Those people will be held accountable for what they have said and done, Keep your head up and keep using your gifts to bless others, Miss you